Activities in Karpenisi

Being a favorite destination of those who love escape and activities in nature, Evrytania offers a multitude of activities, which include winter sports, hiking, skiing, rafting, canoeing, canyoning, cycling, horse riding and off road 4X4. Epoches Luxury Suites is located at the foot of Mount Velouhi, being the ideal starting point to discover the unique nature of Evrytania.

Karpenisi Ski Center

The Epochs Luxury Suites guest house is located at the foot of Mount Velouhi, at the top of which is one of the largest and most impressive ski centers in Greece, with 5 lifts and 15 slopes. The Ski Center of Karpenisi is about 20 minutes from Koryschades.

Hiking in Evrytania

A breath away from Koryschades, discover unique paths, in a beautiful fir forest and next to the Karpenisiotis river. Pass the stone arched bridge of the ‘Xeroliki Brothers’ on the Karpenisiotis River and reach the wonderful plane tree forest in Kefalovryso, where the hero of ’21, Marcos Botsaris, was killed. Continue to the village of Kallithea for the unique view of Karpenissi and Velouhi. At a distance of 38 km, discover the “Always Raining” canyon, a magical place with lakes, waterfalls, caves and dense vegetation. Walking and hiking here is a unique experience. Evrytania is full of beautiful trails that you can explore. The European path E4 also passes through the area (which runs from Spain to Cyprus.)


Enjoyable rafting on the Tavropos River, ideal for first-time rafters, or an exhilarating descent on the challenging Trikeriotis River with its sharp turns through the narrow gorge. Whether you are a beginner or have experience, in Evrytania you will live a unique rafting experience that will give you beautiful moments, lots of laughter and action, in one of the most idyllic landscapes of Greece.


Evrytania with its many forest roads, in the dense and wonderful forests of firs and chestnuts, is ideal for cycling routes with mountain bikes. Easy routes for everyone, full of colors and many surprises. A special route is the one that starts from the village of Myriki, follows the forest road in a unique fir forest with a nice view and ends in the village of Kallithea.

Saloon Park Equestrian Park

Just 5 minutes from Koryschades, there is the Saloon Park Tourist Riding Park. The park offers a multitude of activities for children, as well as for adults. The friendly horses, with the help of an attendant for the smaller riders, cross picturesque paths in a beautiful forest with plane trees, on the banks of Karpenisiotis and reach the impressive bridge of Koryschades.

Kremaston Lake – Canoe Kayak

Discover the hidden beauty of Lake Kremaston in Evrytania with canoe-kayaking. During the summer months, you can also enjoy swimming in the calm waters of the lake.

Prousos Monastery

The Proussos monastery is an important destination for religious tourism and is about 45 minutes from Koryschades. In the area you can also visit Mavri Spilia, after a 30 minute walk. Those interested in a longer route can visit the Monastery of Tatarna.

Canyoning – Rappel in Karpenisi

Canyoning is an activity that combines adventure and natural beauty. The descent through the canyons (canyoning) and the waterfalls (rappel) is a unique experience in nature. An ideal destination for Canyoning in Karpenisi is the gorge in the village of Gavros. It is located at the 12th km. of the Karpenisiou-Proussos road. The gorge starts from the village of Karitsa and ends at the Karpenisiotis river. It could be characterized as moderately difficult as it has a wild beauty with 50 meter tall rocks flanking it on the left and right thus creating natural pools.

Bird watching in Karpenisi

Bird watching has become a popular activity in recent years. Karpenisi is an ideal destination for nature lovers, including bird watching. An area full of rivers, lakes, mountain routes and rich natural scenic landscape, such as Karpenissi and the surrounding areas, are suitable for birdwatching.

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